1943 Born in Singapore
1968 Diploma in Youth and Community Works,National Youth Leadership Institute,Singapore
1970-74 Studied and obtained B.A.(First Class Honours) in Sculpture,Birmingham Polytechnic,School of Fine Arts,U.K.
1974-75 Advanced Studies in Sculpture,St.Martins School of Art,U.K.
1978 Received the Visual Arts Award,Arts Council of Great Britain
1983 Received the Artist Award,The Greater London Arts Council
1983-85 Studied and obtained M.A. in Fine Art,Goldsmith College,University of London,U.K.
1988 Returned to Singapore and established The Artists Village
1999 Received the Arts and Culture Prize of the 10th Fukuoka Asian Culture Prizes
major exhibitions and works
1978 "Marks-Black Powder Falling through Muslin",Acme Gallery, London,U.K
1980 "Earthworks", National Museum Art Gallery,Singapore
1981 "Save the Forest",Epping Forest, U.K.
1983 "First Move", AlternativeⅢ the International Festival of Performance, Almada, Portugal
1988 "In the End, My Mother Decided to Eat Cat food and Dog food",Orchard Road,Singapore
1989 The 3rd Asian Art Show,Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan
"Open the Gate",The Artists Village, Singapore
"Life Boat",Cuppage Terrace, Orchard Road, Singapore 
"They Poach the Rhino, Chop off his Horn and Make this Drink",National Museum Art Gallery, Singapore
1990-98 "Rubber Road to Recovery", Malaysia and others
1990- "North-East Monsoon-A water Game"
1990 "Serious Conversations",Raffles Place,Singapore
1991 Asian Artist Today -Fukuoka Annual V:"Tang Da Wu Exhibition ", Fukuoka Art Museum,Japan
National Sculpture Exhibition,National Museum Art Gallery,Singapore 
"Tiger's whip",National Museum Art Gallery,Singapore and others
"Switch off the Lights,Please",The substation,Singapore
1991- "Chinese RestaurantⅡ",National Museum Art Gallery,Singapore
1992 Touring Exhibition New Art from Southeast Asia 1992 ,Fukuoka Art Museum and others, Japan
Singapore Art Festival , Hong Bee Warehouse,Singapore
1994 Creativity in Asian Art Now, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art,Japan 
"No! I don't want any black monsoon",Hiroshima,Japan
1995 The 3rd Chiang Mai Social Installation, Thailand
"I was born Japanese", Mojosongo, Solo, Indonesia
"Don't Give Money to the Arts",National Museum Art Gallery,Singapore
1994-96 "Tapioca Friendship Project", Singapore and others
1996 "One Hand Prayer Project", Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Japan
1997-98 "Life in a Tin", Malaysia and others
1998- "Jantung Pisang -Heart of a Tree,Heart of a People", Singapore and others
1999- "Banana Project",Singapore and others
1999 The First Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan
"Don't Worry, Ancestors", Singapore
1999-2000 Artist in Residence Program at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
"I think about it","...and the pants remain","Home","Come back for it","Ghost",Project "My Life"
2000 Echigo-Tsumari art triennial 2000,Japan

Interakcje 2004,Piotrkow Trybunalski,Poland
"Satsuma Brilliance",kirishima open-air museum,Japan
Heroes,Islanders,Valentine Willie Fine Art Malaysia
52nd Venice Biennnale International Art Exhibition,Italy